Weekly Wrap up 01.04.14

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 4 yoga classes Ran 14 miles with hills and cows and friend worked 13 hours at Lincoln 5 days of morning pages bought special christmas gifts for my post christmas christmas with my parents Friday night get together with good friends rode 21ish miles on my bike with a good friend saturday afternoon Had Lamb Tikki Masala Satruday night with a glass of red wine took a saturday afternoon nap read How Yoga Works all night saturday (possibly the best yoga book ever written) Sunday early morning coffee with a good friend at starbucks Sunday morning breakfast with my sweetheart at deep roots completed the January Newsletter for GCY Worked on e-mails that need to go out for GCY Made a spinach lasagna for friend that just had a baby took spinach lasagna to friends that just had a baby have my parents for a visit for a few days special 5k race with friends pre new years eve celebration new years eve gumbo and shindig with friends and my parents New Years day brunch with my parents and my boyfriends parents New Years Eve tandomNike time trial

lots of fun time with my parents

Weekend Wish List Yoga Sutra workshop at the Asheville Yoga Center hanging out with my boyfriend Asheville