Weekly Wrap Up 01.31.14



Early Morning Yoga

Morning Pages


Weekly wrap Up Worked 45 hours at Lincoln Taught 3 yoga classes 3 days of morning pages  Ran 17 miles worked on studio marketing Made mexican with Tumbleweed and Friends on saturday evening worked on the upcoming YTT for GCY with Andra at Scuppernong's on Friday night hung out with my friends from Lululemon for a bit at their showroom on Saturday walked to work on the snow day read more of "The Poet and the Dream Girl" cleaned my house bought flowers for my house Hung out with Tumbleweed Sunday evening.  got the studio 1099's sent out handled car issues gracefully

Weekend Wish Long Run have dinner with tumbleweed spend time with tumbleweed Have fun with Friends Do GCY accounting teach yoga at GCY take a nap