An open letter to those who don't run and think they can't do yoga

This post is for those of you that say "I can't do yoga because I'm not flexible" or I can't run because I'm not fast or it doesn't feel good". Today my run sucked. Yes, you read that right. All 6 long hot heavy miles.

I thought you would want to know. Especially because last week many of you saw my Facebook picture with my little trophy for first place in my age division, 10th female over all and a 5k PR of 24:42. I'm writing this post because I want you to know getting there is NOT all rainbows and butterfly's. Somedays are just plain tough.

Don't get me wrong I love running but that doesn't mean I always like it. Just like I love doing yoga but it's sometimes very difficult to make myself get on the mat for my physical practice or my mediation practice.

So it goes with running. Today I didn't feel like running by myself. I was feeling slightly down for no particular reason. I didn't want to do the long run on my training schedule. It was hot, half the morning already gone. I was tired before I started. Every step felt like a chore and more than once I considered walking.

In running and doing yoga (because for me they go hand in hand) Not every day will be easy. Not everyday will feel good. Some days the only good part about a run is that it's over. Some days in a yoga class I can't get my breathing right or get my brain to turn off. For me there is a clear pattern, as it goes in running, as it goes in yoga, as it will go in life.

The yoga and the running teach me how to better get through the hard days of life. Each run is a lesson, each meditation practice or physical yoga practice is a lesson in life. Not every day will be a good day. Not every chore will be enjoyable while we are doing it, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. I've never once regretted going for a run or getting on my yoga mat once I've finished.

I run to learn about life, I teach and take yoga to learn about life. Both yoga and running make me feel better. The lessons I learn in running and on the mat make me stronger.

The dedication is half the battle, so I implore you, don't stop because it's hard. Don't stop because you don't want to do it. Just get on the mat, just go for a run. Learn the lessons and apply them to your life. You'll thank yourself later.