Core Desired Feelings for 2015


The end of the calendar year always feels like a good time to check back in with myself.  Take the temperature of how I'm feeling, is life going the way I want it to go?  How does everything feel?  Am I on the right track?  Have you heard of The Desire Map "A guide for creating goals with soul"?  I'm definitely a disciple of Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map and living life from a place of how I want to feel instead of a place of arbitrarily chasing goals.  Does that resonate with you?

When I think about how I want to feel in 2015 there are a few big simple feelings I keep coming back to

1) Healthy/Strong 2) Present/Mindful 3) Loving

One word that sums up 2014 for me is Abundant.  2014 was full of abundance, friends, family, food, yoga, and work, work work.  There was an abundance of work.  I don't say that with disdain.  I like work, I like my job and I love my work at Greensboro Downtown Yoga.

The last two months of 2014 have been filled with a lot of illness and it left me not feeling the way I like to feel in my body.  In 2015 the top focus will be on staying healthy, so that I can run, hike, do yoga, in short, feel healthy and strong.  You can't take yourself to a higher place emotionally and spiritually if you aren't healthy.  With good health in order I can focus my second intentions for 2015.

Knowing how full and abundant 2014 has been, I know that if I want to enter this new year with intention, reflection and feeling I need to do it from a place of mindfulness.  Present and mindful are also feelings and ways of being that I want to bring more into focus day to day.  This is an ever present practice that I'll be taking with me into the new year, always a work in progress.  When I'm mindful, I feel less weight on my shoulders, more grounded and I feel like I can operate from a place of love which leads me to my next intention or core desired feeling for 2015.

LOVING.  I want to be more LOVING in all of my interactions, more loving in my intentions, more loving in my day to day.  The only way that I'll achieve this is through mindfulness.   Love is what brings us together.  Love connects us.  After all connection is the meaning of this journey.  If I'm healthy and mindful, I'll be more present and more loving which is ultimately what I want to carry through out 2015.

What one word sums up your 2014?  What intentions or core desired feelings do you want in 2015?  How do you plan on making your core desired feelings