Restful Long Weekends

IMG_3435Nothing better than a wood stove in the mountains.

Here in Greensboro NC we are "Snowed" in.  If you are from the north don't laugh!  It's not even an inch of snow really, but we get sleet and freezing ice too with the "snow" that is.  We just don't get enough snow and bad weather to allocate more money to knowing how to work with this stuff.  There for the city is left immobilized.

Today was president's day and luckily for me that means a three day weekend.  Actually it was 4 days because I opted to take Friday off as well.  I was overdue for some much needed R&R, but I'm basking in the very low key evening "snowed" into my little bungalow.   Here are some pictures from my very relaxing weekend in Saluda, NC.  lots of Yoga, wine, and food.