Why do it?


Today not once, but twice by separate people, I was asked: What's your Business and why do you do it?

I'll dish...

Entrepreneur, that's my business, channeled through a yoga studio.  It's a mega love of teaching yoga, guiding others and helping them find their sweet spot.  The thing driving me out of bed these days is teaching students to become yoga teachers.   Wowza!  I'm still on cloud nine over that programing and the growth of our students in the thick of it.

Teaching classes and creating programing like our YTT is exhilarating and keeps me engaged. but the business aspects blow. me. over!  The possibility for growth in the studio and beyond fire me up.  Luckily for me Yoga isn't just about doing postures it's a state of being, a lifestyle.  Sooo much in there! Layer upon layer of ideas to grow the business or start other businesses that work in coordination with the studio. Like I said, I'm an entrepreneur.

Think about it?  Do you ever feel

- Stressed



-out of place

Greensboro Downtown Yoga opened to help you with all of those!  Joining our yoga studio, means you join a community of people who've felt all of those things too.  Yoga works.  And I get to share it with you.  I get to see you get stronger, more flexible, make new like minded friends, and watch yourself grow.  That's why I do it.

How about you?  What do you do and why do you do it?