Reverse Progress


A quick glance at my Garmin Connect activities report and I can tell you my running is not where I'd like it to be.  Truth be told I didn't need to look at a report to be able to tell you that.

There are long runs and short runs that feel good.  I'm sure you've had the experience, you feel strong and fast like you could go on forever.  Then there are the runs like today... Run's that feel horrible the whole way through.

Today the only thing that carried me through was shear determination to put one foot in front of the other for 6 long miles.

It's been about a month or so of this.  I'm running, I'm sticking to it, but it doesn't feel like I have the capacity to get stronger or faster.  The normal route feels like a chore. Every single run I've felt heavy, tired and unable to get faster or stronger.  I keep wondering if this is just a story I'm telling myself or if there is something really wrong with me.  Is it simply the ebb and flow of running?  The result of hot humid summer running?

It's all part of running, of dedication, the ebb and the flow I suppose.  There will be months of running that feel amazing and long dry spells where you feel lucky that you have friends to meet or you would probably skip out all together.  I'm especially grateful right now for my friends who run.  The ones that meet me at 4:45am for 6 miles during the week and the ones that will meet at 6am on a Saturday in order to beat the heat.  Thank god for those friends because they make it worth it even when it sucked the whole time.

Lucky for me my running friends, are encouraging and wise.  I also have a friend who is an amazing coach and she always says "just keep running", and especially when it's hard I know she's right.

Today I kept running even though I didn't even want to start.  Tomorrow I'll lace up again.  I know I'll break through this.  Have you been through the running the slump?  how did you break through?