On the Mat 10.28.15w

Tonight was all about resolve.  I would have like to have come home from work, put on my PJ poor a glass of wine and watched the rest of season 6 of Sex in the City.  Instead i came home laced up my sneakers for the run I'd skipped this morning in order to not be rained on.  I pushed myself out the door for a 3 mile run and got caught in a downpour!  Came home wrung out my running clothes and changed into yoga attire for a post run practice.  When that was over I listened to the meditation course I'm taking and proceeded to sit in mindful meditation for 20 minutes.  Some nights it's easy to keep your resolve.  Tonight was not one of those nights, but I'm happy to report I still did it. 

What do you find difficult to follow through with even if it's something you enjoy?