Art Journaling: 3 Reasons to give it a try

When was the last time you lost yourself in the moment?  Hours passed, you lost track of time, your cares felt miles away and you felt so relaxed you didn't even feel like yourself?  I sincerely hope that it had not been as long for you as it had been for me.  In the past month i took an art journal workshop that left me feeling giddier than getting a massage normally does! 

Working a full time job and running a yoga studio is rewarding, and stressful.  I end up treating myself and my body in ways I typically preach that others should not treat theirs.  Even while I'm running, meditating or doing yoga my mind is going 100 miles a minute, scrolling through a to do list, hoping I'm not dropping the ball, or being a poor friend or business partner.  It's rewarding to work the way I work and it has it's draw backs. 

I was surprised what a profound effect a six hour art journaling workshop had on me.  I felt so good I almost wondered if someone had slipped me drugs.  

The great thing about art journaling is you don't have to be good at art, or be an artists to art journal.  There are workshops in Greensboro, often I even lead them at our yoga studio and if local Sawtooth in Winston Salem has 1 art journaling workshop a quarter.  

1) It Reduces Stress
You will feel the effects pretty quickly.  If you're new to art journaling find a workshop or class that will help you break the ice.  The process of working a fun single pointed task melts stress away. 

2) You will meet really wonderful people
From the instructor to the participants we were brought together by this common task.  You can keep to yourself if you really want to, but kind words of encouragement and friendly hellos make it an easy place to make new friends with common interests. 

3) It's fun
Yes, it's good ole fashioned fun.  Remember high school art?  Doodling, coloring, painting, all of that helps create a feeling of fun and joy. Let go and giver yourself the gift of fun. 

Who said we had to be serious all of the time!  Set aside an hour to play or sign up for a workshop.  Art will help you relax, this will benefit you and everyone around you.