Creativity Tool Tuesday: Acrylics 101

We're all creative beings.  No matter who you are or where you are in life you're a creative being.  If you don't feel creative that might mean you're simply a little stuck or as Julie Cameron Author of The Artist's Way would say, "you're a blocked artist" because after all we're all artists.  You might have big dreams of writing a book, or making huge paintings to sell at galleries, you might have a goal of wanting to write a little every day or you might want to bring bits of creativity into your every day life.   Every Tuesday I'll bring you one of my favorite tools for cultivating creativity.  These are the tools I use for bringing creativity into my life in big or little ways. 

THIS WEEK: Acrylics 101

Beginner Painting Class: 
Sometimes cultivating creativity is about getting out side of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to be really bad at something for a little while.  To be good at something you must first be bad at it, make mistakes and learn how to play.  

Painting has been capturing my imagination recently, an Artist's Date through the Weatherspoon made me want to pull out a paintbrush and play with a canvas.  My cousin Erin has been painting excessively and seeing her work fills me with a desire to create.  A piece of mixed media art I bought this year hanging in my office makes my hands twitch to pick up a paint brush.  I'm not a painter.  I didn't study it in college or take painting classes after high school, but I want to paint.   

The pure desire to play with paints prompted me to sign up for an acrylics class. My acrylics 101 class started last Wednesday.  We started with a color wheel and much to my surprise I did get very frustrated trying something that feels simple. I've taken drawing classes before and I know that is a familiar feeling in the beginning.  Frustration.  Learning to keep going through the frustration is part of the process.  You won't be good on the first try and remember it's not about being good, it's about playing and learning.  You can become good later with lots of practice.  For now you play.  Dig in.  Remember to have fun. 

What are you doing to cultivate your creativity?  How are you reminding yourself what it feels like to be a beginner?