Bonne année à moi or Happy new year to me

Alisha sitting on the porch writing morning pages Photo by Lindley Battle

Not to eclipse my dad, who's birthday is today, Bon Anniversaire Papa!  My Birthday is Saturday, I'll be 34.  November is a huge month for birthday's among my family and friends.  We scorpios seem to stick together, I can spot a scorpio from a mile away.  We're a combination of passionate, driven, ambitious, loyal folks and I'm very partial to them.  

Maybe it's the Scorpio in me but I view a birthday as a personal New year.  A birthday is when I take as much time as I can to pause and reflect on my past circle around the sun.   I reflect on where I found Joy and what I want less and more of in my life.  

Thinking back over my last 365 days, I'd have to say it's had really big highs and very low lows.  

Left a job I'd been at for just shy of a decade
Started working from home for a company I knew very little about
Attended a Julia Cameron Artists Way Workshop at Kripalu
Traveled to Paris for a life changing writing retreat
Found the vision for my next business venture
Discovered the direction I wanted to take this blog
Put a new roof on my house
Went to Nice
Spent more time in Toledo with my family then I have in 13 years
Ran only 1 half Marathon this year
Said Goodbye to my gentle giant Max
Taught an Artists Way group for the first time
Realized I'm a writer
Entered into the best relationship I've ever had with a man so wonderful I don't even have the right words to describe it

Those are the big things I remember from the past 12 months.  

There are some tangibles and intangibles I'd like to cultivate in the next 12 months. In no particular order

Travel: back to France, Maine, Morocco, an indian island, India, Nepal
Time and space to think and write
Space for creative ventures
To write my novel
running for runnings sake
Time with Loved ones, friends and family
Take a leap out of corporate america
Cultivate my creativity coaching practice
Lead at least two creativity and yoga retreats
Write, write, write and more writing
To see my sister
Spend more time with my own yoga practice
Keep cultivating my mediation practice
Time at the beach and the mountains
Play more with photography
Wild Freedom

With those intentions in mind I'm looking forward to a weekend of celebration 

The 2017 new year is just around the corner so even if it's not your birthday, maybe you've been thinking about what's gone well this year, or not so well?  Maybe you're thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2017?  Please share below, let's see how we can help each other make it happen!


Alisha Wielfaert head shot on her porch photo by Lindley Battle