why I write to you

Sweet Friend 

I'm writing this morning to tell you why I share my stories, hopes, defeats, inspirations and creative life on this blog.  

We were all born creatives, don't balk, you are absolutely a creative even if you don't feel very creative right now.  

Unfortunately for me somewhere along the line I got derailed from my creative path.  In high school I did all the creative things you can imagine, journaled daily, art classes, glee club, fall plays, spring musicals, art club, hell I even worked at the local theater in my spare time.  If it was a creative endeavor I was doing it or trying to be a part of it.  Then I went off to college and I let a few damaging and limiting beliefs guide me.  Somehow I got it into my head that I needed to do something responsible that would pay the bills and art was certainly not that.  While I'd "let myself" take a photography class here or there or allow myself to minor in dance, god forbid I let myself major in something fun.  I reserved my creative life as a fun outlet but surely it wasn't where I'd build a financially supportive career.  

I bought into the limiting beliefs that art or forms of creativity couldn't be sustaining for an "adult life".  I pushed creativity to the back burner.  Suffering seemed more noble.  I'd let myself play creatively some times but I wouldn't let myself believe art was a place I could take care of myself.  I know you've felt this way too.  I know you've done it. I know there are things you long to do, dreams of books you want to write, or poetry you long to put to paper.  Maybe it's painting or photography for the pure sake of creating.  like me you've sacrificed your creative soul to do what you believe is responsible and right.  Something you believe was what you had to do.  Am I wrong?  


You bought the art supplies only to watch them collect dust on a shelf because you don't have time with your day job and taking care of the kids?  The piles of blank note books you hide in your closet that you'll surely fill with your writing one day.  The expensive camera you bought, but you only pick up here or there to snap a photo and you don't really know how to you use it yet so you don't use it at all.  You let it sit.  You wonder if the art, if creating, if this form of play is  really worth your time?  You wonder if you'd be better served spending time doing something that would make you money or get you out of debt or serve the community around you.  Isn't it selfish to want to create or play, nourish yourself or create?  I'll answer that now.  No, it's not selfish or wrong.  In fact it's vital.  

Maybe like me you were taught that art couldn't make you money, art couldn't pay your mortgage or put food on the table.  Maybe art can't do those things, but maybe it can and that's not the point.  Just doing it is the point.  What I've learned by trying to be responsible for a really long time, is that I have a visceral need to be creative. It's as vital to me as food, water, shelter, love, or money.  I need to create.  Not only is it's vital to my existence I know it's vital to your existence too.   Creativity is who we are.  Everything we do stems from creative energy.  We wouldn't be here if our parents hadn't had the desire to create, it's animalistic, it's desire, it's wild, is freedom and it's expansion; growth.  We grow and expand through creation.  Bringing creativity into every part of my life, writing, dreaming up businesses, designing creativity retreats in exotic locations, planing travel, meeting new people, writing, writing, writing and sharing with you is vital to me.  I also know it's vital to you.  This blog is my creative life line to you.  An example of how one creative soul is weaving creativity through her life in the hopes that it will spark something for you as well.  

So much creative love from me to you,