Marcothon: AKA the December running Challenge

Sweaty, tired and happy post run Marcothon day 1 done

Sweaty, tired and happy post run Marcothon day 1 done

2016 has been a difficult running year for me.  Not entirely sure why, it started off strong and fast with lots of mileage and seeing increases in my speed and then nearing the late middle to end of a training plan I would get thwarted.  An illness or horribly planned travel that would completely throw me off.  Then the soul crushing heat this summer.  I just never found my grove.  

None the less so far in 2016 I'm hovering around 650 miles of running going into December and my average speed is around a 9:30 mile.  I had hoped one of those numbers would be closer to 1000 and the other closer to an 8:30 but I did my best this year.   When It came down to running or sleeping this year I mostly chose sleep.  That said this has been my healthiest year on record in probably the past 5 years.  I think the correlation is worth noting.  More sleep = less illness for me.  

All of that's to say, for the past few years I've been hearing about folks who run every day in December.  My friends Dorothy Hans and Susan Skipper have been doing it and I've watched longingly as they've completed the challenge.  The challenge is this "run every single day in the month of December.  No missing a day, no doubling up, every day including christmas, run 3 miles or 25 minutes what ever comes first."  

When I first heard about this challenge a few things went through my head.  1st thought: is that healthy?  Isn't that bad on the body? 2nd thought: Wow that's a lot of running for one month, but not a lot of running at the same time because 3 miles is a very manageable chunk of running if you aren't too worried about speed.  Over the past few years my mind has drifted to this challenge and the thoughts changed to..

*I think I would enjoy that challenge
*It would help get me outside moving my body in a month that can often be difficult to find time to run
*I run a lot, I have a solid bas of miles under me for many many years and I think it would do me a lot of good

Running slow or fast (especially outside, even in the cold) always always always makes me feel better.  December can be an anxiety and stress producing time with lots of holiday parties, year end sales goals drawing to an end, finding presents for family and friends in time for christmas, the lack of sunshine and really the list goes on.  Running every day would produce the lovely endorphins that make me happy, I see no downside to trying this challenge.  Yesterday was day 1.  I ran 3.1 miles in about 29 minutes.  Day one down only 30 more to go! 

Have you ever tried this?  Maybe running isn't your thing?  Maybe you've done another challenge?  I've never been good at streaks of anything if you're good at them what keeps you remembering?  What's your favorite challenge that you've completed? 

Ok gotta jet, time to go run before work...