Yoga Teacher Training 3 reasons why you should...

ppssssttt, come a little closer, I'm gonna loop you into the best kept secret in Greensboro...  
We've got something really special going on at Greensboro Downtown Yoga.  

Have you been to our studio?  
Do you know our teachers?

You'll feel it immediately when you walk in the door.  A warm welcoming nonjudgmental yoga space, a place where you can fall over on your mat because you tried and giggle because it's not that serious, after all it's only yoga.  This is a place where the community is excited to meet you and everyone wants to see you succeed in your practice.  

Our teachers are unique and encouraged to teach authentically, not teach cookie cutter replicas of the same class.  We don't tell anyone what to teach even though this policy is hell from a marketing standpoint, but we know in the long run it's better for you and it's better for our teachers too.  Our students are 75% of the special sauce because they've created a supportive community for each other.  The vibe we've got going on is one of inclusion and personal growth.  If you are considering a yoga teacher training program all of these points are things you should be considering, but if that's not enough we have three reasons why you will want to take your practice to the next level with us.  

Authenticity:  Who doesn't want to be 100% themselves?!  Our program puts special emphasis on pulling out your own authentic teaching style.  We don't want clones of ourselves! How boring would that be?  Talk to any of our graduates or take a class from the lead teachers (Andra and myself)  and then take a class from one of last year's graduates.  They don't teach anything like us, and that's FABULOUS!  They teach like them, the words that come of the their mouths the sequences they come up with are authentic because they've practiced and been encouraged to do what feels right to them as teachers.  

Love of Yoga: You love yoga and you have a desire to share it either through teaching or deepening your own practice.  We are the biggest yoga lovers and our on going programing and classes will help fuel your love of yoga because you are surrounded by fellow lovers of yoga.  We all get to nerd out together.  

Desire to grow:  A good teacher training program will do way more than teach you how to teach yoga.  It will help you grow as an individual.  In our program there's a huge emphasis on self development, exploration and execution.  We'll support and encourage you through the entire joyful and painful process (yes we know growth can be painful, why hide that?).  You'll be assigned a lead teacher as mentor as well as a former graduate of the program to help get you through the good and the tough, because we all know growth isn't easy.  If it was easy everyone would be doing it.    

The right YTT program will bring you closer to yourself, deepen your practice and bring you closer to your tribe.  It's not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.  It will be especially worth it surrounded by the right tribe of teachers and students that resonate with each others authenticity.  

We can't wait to see you on the mat,