Filling Up the Well

This is the first relatively free weekend I've had in some time.  Last night after a long nap and a nourishing dinner alone in my own house, next to my big fluffy dog I was able to spend some time reflecting.  Normally when I suddenly find myself with free time after weeks of non-stop work I can come dangerously close to an anxiety attack.  It's a side affect of my brain not able to handle the sudden lull in my normally crazy life.  I'm trying to keep that in check.  I'm slowly getting a handle on my over scheduled life and peeling back the layers little by little to create more space for play and creativity.  I absolutely could be working this weekend since there's enough on my plate to keep me busy for what feels like a life time, but I've put my foot down and reminded myself "enough is enough" and you can't pour from an empty cup.  Not to mention no one else but me is going to tell me to stop trying to do so much, right?  

I'm letting myself feel idle for a few days this weekend.  I'm telling myself not to feel guilty about the two hour nap I took yesterday or for sitting here writing.  I'm enjoying down time and listening to what I need.  

And what is it exactly that I need?  I've been pondering this intensely the past few days.  These questions keep coming up
What am I seeking?  
What are my dreams?  
What's next?  
How can I build community in an impactful way?  
What do I really desire and how do I make that happen?  

When I try to answer these questions a few things instantly come to mind blocking the way to getting to the bottom of what I'm seeking.  Space, I'm craving space, and I'm feeling like my inspiration well is dry.  I've booked a few trainings to help fill my creativity well back up. Here is what I'm looking forward to

May: Julia Cameron, Creative Myth's and Monster's workshop at Kripalu
June: Kimberly Wilson, Writing and Yoga retreat in France
July: Kino McGregor, Ashtanga Workshop in Asheville

When it feels like I'm scrapping the bottom of the barrel, I know I need to call in the big guns, so that's what I'm doing.  When you feel like your well is dry what do you do?  What are the Big Life questions you're pondering right now?