J'aime Paris

Blurry 15 year old Alisha on her first trip to France 17 years ago.  

Blurry 15 year old Alisha on her first trip to France 17 years ago.  

Even as a child who had never visited, I had a love for all things French and no earthly idea where that love bubbled up from.  In high school I learned this love has a name, Francophile.  My devotion has persisted despite the fact that I've never been able to learn the language.  Maybe I was French in a past life?  It's more than fresh bread, good coffee, beautiful architecture, cafe's where people actually stop sit and watch, scarfs on ladies, romance or the Mona Lisa.  Did I mention good wine? Yes, it's more than that too.  It's a place where even a cemetery is enchanting and beautiful, because the French make living an art.  

It's been 15 years since I've visited the sweet romantic city of Paris.  France shaped me.  In fact a huge black and white poster of the city is framed and rests above my fire place in the living room.  A cheap reminder of this love affair that started so long ago.  

This trip I'll merge some of my loves Paris, writing, and yoga.  It's a week long artist's date pour moi.  A week of filling up my soul with the sights, sounds, and smells of a city that has captured my imagination for years.  I'm nurturing a few big dreams in the incubation stage.  I'm confident this will give me the space to create the plan to make them happen.  

Au Revoir mes amis.  Plus a venir.