19 Reasons not to travel

Cathedral Notre-Dame En Paris

Are my pictures enticing? Tugging your heart in the direction of travel? Dreams of France, Italy or Morocco filling your head?  All of the travel advertising makes it look easy and carefree right?  You can absolutely point your finger directly at me too, I’m certainly guilty, especially after this week.  Travel isn’t all peonies, red Bordeaux and cute waiters that French kiss you at the corner café (yes that actually happened).  

When I lust about travel it’s as if there’s American Airlines commercial playing in my head.  Stage right a beautiful woman steps onto a plane with a lighthearted expression that screams “I’m ready for adventure and I don’t have a single responsibility in the world”.  Secretly I hate her, yet simultaneously want to be her.   Surely that tall, drop dead gorgeous natural blond doesn’t have bills to pay, pets at home, an “out of office” to set or the responsibilities of running a business.  I bet she’s even flying first class! God I hate her.   Who gave her the right to get on plane and wake up France?  Any chance you can relate to those feelings?

I confess I’ve only been sharing peeks into the beautiful bits.  In direct contradiction to the pictures I’m posting It’s only fair to share the other side of the coin. 

Here is my list of everything I despise about traveling…

  • Obtaining a pass port/keeping passports in safe locations at home when not traveling and safe locations while traveling
  • Figuring out how to fund your trip
  • Paying someone to watch the dog and the house
  • Requesting time off work
  • Not having enough vacation time to make the trip the length you’d hoped
  • The re-occurring nightmare leading up to travel, where I get to the gate and don’t have my passport.  Or worse in the dream getting all the way to customs only to not have my passport  This leaves me waking up in a cold sweat.
  • Sitting on multiple 7 hour flights crammed into a shoebox sized seat
  • Sitting with the fear of the plane crashing or being hijacked by terrorists
  • Getting comfortable being lost (you will always get lost at some point in a good trip
  • Not knowing the language and being humbled by this experience
  • Paying for bathroom use (ugh yeah it’s a thing)
  • Putting up with lots of secondhand smoke
  • Jet lag and inability to sleep even when overcome with exhaustion because of the time difference. 
  • Spending a lot of time being really uncomfortable
  • Watching diligently for pick-pockets.
  • Talking to strangers
  • Exhaustion
  • Anxiety that creeps in towards the end of the trip when you start to think about the number of e-mails sitting in your inbox that need attention. 
  • Delayed flights

If there are that many negatives that I can list so quickly and easily why in the world would anyone travel?   

Because those 19 reasons not to travel are actually the recipe for Travel Magic.  Travel will open you up in a way that nothing else can.  You'll be lit up from the inside out almost like the Eiffel tower at the top of the evening hour.  The grit makes greatness.  Go ahead renew your passport, figure out how to fund the trip and go.  I promise you won't regret it.