Back to Europe

Boat on the Seine

Isn't the best cure for the post vacation blues booking another trip? I've been craving a trip to the beach.  I know, I know I just got back from being away, but my job is stressful and the studio is a lot and I'm single and without kids so who's going to stop me?  That's right, no one.  In the world of singledom especially in Greensboro NC we single folks have to put up with a lot.  Think about it, crappy dates, finding someone you really dig and them not digging you back, your friends all having children and being married (no exaggeration, 95% of them), being unable to go out spur of the moment with girlfriends, awkard encounters and really I could go on and on.  If there's all that negative in the world of being single, then I darn well better cash in on the positives starting with booking a flight back to Europe just because I can. And yes I really did.  

I'm going back to France and tip toeing into Italy This Fall.  French/Italian Rivera here I come! 

This trip to Paris was by far one of the best things I've ever done for myself, and looking back on the first two times I went to France those were fabulous decisions as well.  I've NEVER ever regretted traveling abroad and quite frankly I'm not so sure why I haven't done more of it in the last 15 years.  Getting creative I figured out how to make 5 days over a long weekend stretch my rather limited vacation time and voila.  

My confidence in traveling alone was substantially increased on my trip to Paris.  I'm up for the challenges and adventure that traveling abroad alone has in store and I couldn't be more proud of myself.  

Where is it that you're longing to go and what in the world is stopping you?  Let me know and I bet I can help you figure out how to get around those challenges.  Let's talk it out together, comment below and we'll get you where you want to go.