thoughts on Zero Waste Living and making my own toothpaste

homemade coconut oil and baking soda toothpaste

In Paris with huge thanks to our retreat leader Kimberly Wilson, we got to spend an evening with Ariana, creator of the blog Paris to go.   Ariana, is a sweet, humble and successful blogger with highly inspiring posts on Paris, gluten free living and zero waste.  I've been following her on instagram since I got back and she's really got me thinking.  

Have you heard of Zero waste living, buying bulk items, using your own containers at the grocery store, capsule wardrobes, making your own cleaning and health supplies?  I first heard of this concept from my friend Alli during one of our 5am runs almost 6 years ago.   She told me about this beautiful french woman living in California blogging about her experience trying to live zero waste.  Fascinated by the idea that a family of 4 could produce next to no waste each year I was beyond astounded.  It was around the same time I was flirting with the idea of going car free and I didn't use my car for a month so the extremeness of it wasn't completely foreign to me.  I loved the idea of a zero waste home but I couldn't shake the idea that it was TOO extreme even for me, and I dismissed the whole concept instead of letting myself be inspired to make small impactful changes.  

Ever since I got back from France I've been thinking about the idea of zero waste again and realizing I had dismissed the idea too quickly. I don't have to be a zero waste home to make personal changes that could have a big positive impact on how i live, my finances, and the environment.  A list of questions has been building like a cloud in my head... 
Why don't I use my car less and bike more?  There are multiple benefits to this.  
What little changes can I make to produce less waste?
Does something as small as making my own toothpaste or dishwashing detergent really make a difference?
Can I live with less clothing? Certainly being into multiple sports like yoga, running and cycling makes the idea of a capsule wardrobe a little less realistic but do I need to buy anymore clothing, scarfs or shoes?  Well maybe I need new running shoes, but I'm set on everything else for sure!  I have everything i need and then some.
Could I do a better job at compositing/gardening?
Could I make more conscious buying choices and ones that involve bulk items, and less packaging?
Could I eat out less?

When framed around those questions many of the decisions I make every day could really be made more mindfully, have less of an impact on the environment, have a positive impact on my finances and on my health even if I'm not a "zero waste home".   

First order of business today, toothpaste.  Over the past few days as I've watched my toothpaste tube approach near empty and I wondered, how many tubes of toothpaste have I gone through in my life?  For some reason this was the tipping point, I just can't put one more toothpaste tube into the landfill.  Is there a different choice?  Turns out yes, I can make my own.  

Today small changes included riding my bike everywhere including three different trips to the grocery store instead of taking my car and making my own toothpaste.  

I found this recipe on wellness mama's blog and I've already tried it.  Cheap, easy and should be no big deal to incorporate into my every day life.  

Is making less waste something you ponder?  Do you already do a lot to eliminate what you put into the landfill? If so what are those choices?  I'd love to hear from you.