A bike affair

It flashes into memory, my heart skips a beat. My pulse begins to quicken and a smile erupts over my face.  I'm sweating, I can't help it.  I keep replaying the images over and over in my head.  Did that really happen?  Do I get to do it again?  I look forward to this daily rendezvous more than anything else.  Is this what love feels like?  Sometimes I'm not sure if I know or not.  

A greenish blue 8 speed Simcoe step through, with panniers, red blinkie on the back and a strong bright street wise light on the front, she's rolled into my life and stollen my heart.  Fenders, a chain guard and even a kickstand, I mean what's not to love?  You can see this bike is quite the flirt! There's even a coffee cup holder on the front bars, cause why not I'm certainly not riding her for her sleek physique.  She's a heavy girl, like a Rueben painting of women with curves she's perfect, but not light.  The brooks saddle was a splurge, the type of indulgence that's only meant for true love.  

Can your soulmate be a bike?  If so I've certainly found mine and her gift is Freedom.  The only thing she needs in return are full tires and a greased chain.  She's very low maintenance as far as relationships go.  This I can handle.  The air on my skin as I roll down the streets of Westerewood, the heat coming up from the asphalt that radiates off the ground.  I ride for freedom, not confined by a steal box, not trapped by societies notion of how we should get around.  Not limited by gas in a tank.  I ride for freedom.  

Nothing compares to the feeling of joy this beautiful bike brings.  What else could make me feel like a 6 year old girl with bangs and pig tails riding the perimeter of my childhood neighborhood?  The Simcoe brings memories back of me pedaling around my neighborhood  just barely staying in the lines of where I was  "allowed" to ride unattended.  I'm told it's different for kids these days.  They don't get much time unattended, what a shame.  That makes me insanely sad for our society that children can't even ride their bikes around their neighborhoods unattended, encountering the joy and freedom that comes with being on your own, unattended, free.  

The time on my Simcoe is undoubtedly an affair.  I'm certainly cheating on my road bike with her.  She's clunkier, and chunkier than my road bike, the ride is so upright it takes getting used to, but she's a classic beauty and her gifts are completely different than the gifts my sleek light ruby pro shares.  I guess I'm in love with two bikes at once, but they give me different things.  The ruby gives lightness, speed and the ability to go far fast.  My Simeco, she gives me Freedom like no other could.  

What are you waiting for?  Why not have an affair with your bike?