Rocks under my feet

Birds eye view of the port

Birds eye view of the port

After lounging happily on the rocky beach since 9:15am this morning I looked at my watch realizing it was almost 1pm and if I didn't look for food now I'd be stuck hungry until places open back up for dinner at 7pm, since I'd skipped breakfast in my eagerness to be near the sunshine and water I thought laziness was not a good option now.  I reluctantly pulled myself off the beach to hunt for lunch.  I was hoping for a place with light fare, and close so that I could get back to the sea and to my book as quickly as possible, although quick and lunch don't normally go together in France.  After little searching I chose an outdoor cafe with a cute bearded waiter and fresh sounding seafood dishes.  This place I ducked into had oysters (which I adore) and I believe we just entered a season ending in ember so I think that means they are officially in season?  I ordered a rose and 6 salty oysters followed by an espresso. The practice of an espresso post lunch has great pick me up effects and I need to remember that when I finally get back home and hit the wall after lunch at work, but I won't worry about that until next week.  Today after my late lunch the only conceivable and appropriate decision to make next was indulging in an ice-cream cone of hazelnut gelato and a slow stroll down the boardwalk.  

When I finally planted myself back on the beach in almost the exact same spot as I've been every time I've visited this week, as if the beach gods are keeping it open just for me, I could feel the sun was even warmer than before and I decided to take a quick dip before settling in.  Slipping into my sandals to walk down to the edge of the water because it hurts to walk on the rocks is a funny drawback to paradise I thought as I reluctantly took them off to enter the refreshing aqua water.  Even stepping in I winced as my feet felt the sharp rock edges underneath me.  I tried to hop into weightlessness as quickly as possible knowing those same sharp edges would be waiting for me when I was ready to stop riding the soft waves.  

Slipping out of my wet and salty bathing suit this afternoon I realize I'm burnt.  Slightly crispy in many spots, resembling a lobster in others.  Looks like my sunscreen isn't doing the job. Maybe I didn't put it on soon enough after getting on the beach today, maybe reapplying while still wet after a dip in the Mediterranean wasn't smart or maybe it was a combination of the two.  Risk of skin cancer aside the vitimin D has other effects that are restorative, nourishing and are making me feel healthy and rested despite the sun burn.  

It's almost 7pm when cafe's open back up for dinner.  I'm freshened and rested and about to head back out for a leisurely dinner and an evening stroll.  I hope your Saturday has been just as nourishing as mine.