Creativity Tool Tuesday: 3 Steps to planning your own mini-retreat

Winter is a rough time for me and I know many others have a tough time with it too. I've learned to plan ahead to combat the winter blues and this year I'm pretty excited about the line up of creative activities I've planned for myself.  Planning a few intentional retreats and get aways helps keep my spirits up and helps me plan impactful actions for the year ahead. I wanted to share what I do in hopes that it might be helpful for you as well.  This is something you can absolutely do for yourself too.  

This upcoming weekend will be a 3 day weekend away from work so I've booked a room at a bed and breakfast at Carolina Beach to plan out how I'm going to accomplish the personal goals I've created for myself.  You might not be able to carve out 3 nights away, but you might be able to carve out a day or 2-3 hours.  

I'm sharing the schedule I've planned for myself this weekend as well as how I arrived at what I wanted to do in order to help you plan your own version of a mini-retreat.  

1st: Think about how you want to feel during your retreat be it two hours or three days. "When you have clarity of intention the universe conspires with you to make it happen" -Fabienne Fredrickson.  For me I often feel rushed and like I have to do lots of things two keep the boat of life afloat.  It's important for me to feel like I'm not rushing, that I can slow down, eat meals with the phone off, feel relaxed and without responsibility.  I also want to get quiet, Lululemon had a slogan last year "get quiet live loud" and I want to get quiet this weekend, look inwardly so that I can live boldly.  Thirdly I want feel healthy making good food choices, have time for my Saturday long run,  space for yoga.  Those desires make my over all intention for this retreat to slow down, get quiet, feel good in my skin. 

2nd Make a list of the thing are important to do while on retreat.  Being intentional about how you want to spend your time is key even if you want to simply spend your time walking on the beach.  It's important to write it down, after all "a goal without a plan is just a wish" -Antoine De Saint-Exupery.  Top of my list were running, rriting, walking on the beach, vision boarding, blogging and thinking about how to create blog content that will be valuable to all of you reading this.  

3rd: Write the Schedule.  I wrote myself a schedule for the time at I have at the beach.  That's not to say I'll follow it rigidly, after all I'll need to listen to myself and change it if I feel differently or if the weather doesn't allow for what I'm trying to accomplish.  Planning the time out and writing it down will help you stay focused and accomplish and follow through on your intentions for the time you have.  

Here's an example of my retreat days:

6-7am Morning Pages, mediation Duolingo
8-9am Breakfast
9-10am Long run
10-11am Soak in the tub
11-12 writing time
12-1pm Lunch
1-3pm 2017 Vision Board
3-4 Maybe a nap?
4-5pm sunset walk on the beach
5-6pm dinner
6pm-bedtime...  reading, writing, or mediation  

7-8am Morning Pages Meditation, Duolingo
Time possibly different intention here to watch the sunrise on the beach
Morning walk
8-9am Breakfast
9am-12pm Blog planning and writing
12-1pm Lunch
1-2 long walk on the beach
2-5pm More blog Planning and writing
5-6pm Dinner
6-7pm post dinner walk
7-9pm evening writing or meditation

Sample weekend retreat plan

If you were planning a retreat for yourself what would be top of the list of your intentions