2017 Desires and Aspirations. Join the Group

Alisha in Home Office Photo by Lindley Battle

It's true that my new year really starts on my birthday, but I like to pause in the beginning of January and take stock of the previous calendar year and look towards my goals for the upcoming new year.  Writing out my aspiration and making them public all helps in achieving my dreams and desires.   

I also think it’s important to put concrete action steps to my personal new year goals in order to be sure to create what I’m looking to create. 

Each year is given a theme.  2016 was the year of the concert. 
2017 is the year of Travel.
I'll achieve this by traveling somewhere big or small each month.  So far I have a beach trip lined up for January and a Mexico writing retreat lined up for February.  

Here are the additional concrete goals I’m working towards in various aspects of my life.

On the blog:
Continue Wise Women Wednesday.
Write at least one personally slanted post each week.

Create Content that will be useful to my readers in their creative development.

Paint the living room and dinning room.
Work on the design aspects of the living room and dining room to make it feel more like my home.
Replace the front door.
Remodel the bathroom.

Health and Athletic Endeavors:
Drink more water
Eat in a way that nourishes my body for my athletic passions.
Run 1000 miles in 2017
Ride my bike enough to do CNC in Fall of 2017

Meditate every day in 2017.  I’m on a 33 day streak.  The longest I’ve ever sat in mediation is an hour I’d like to work my way up to a 3 hour experience over the next year. 

Dulingo every day. 
Meet with my friend Ashley at least once a month to work on my French.

Getting a new dog (after all this is the year of travel, maybe next year)

I’ll revisit these goals once a month to see where I am in making them happen.  If you're setting goals and want help in achieving them for a bold and fulfilling 2017 I've created an online group for us to share what we're working on and support each other.  Join the group here introduce yourself and let us know the following... What are you trying to achieve in 2017?  What desires do you have?  What are you longing for?  How are you going to achieve what you’ve set out to do?  One year from now looking over this list again what would you feel horrible about not achieving and what would be ok if it didn’t happen? 

Happy New Year 2017