Kitchen Blunders

Spicy Thai Curry Noodle Soup

Write a blog post extolling what a great meditation cooking is and watch what lesson the universe sees fit to give you.  Can you laugh at yourself?  I've found it's a helpful tool if you can.  Today's creativity tool, is Laugh at yourself!   Last week I wrote a post on the meditation of cooking and how cooking can be an act of mindfulness and self love.  Cooking is certainly those things for me, and sometimes it's not and all it took was writing a serious blog post to remind me to pay attention to the joy of blunders.  

I still haven't shaken this cold so yesterday I decided I needed a spicy curry dish to help clear the head cold out.  I did what I think most people do and took to Pintrest.  I'd been wanting to try this Spicy Thai Curry Noodle soup.  I had an evening too myself, boyfriend out of town, no where to be.  I'd pop over to the grocery store after work and voila I'd spend the evening cooking.  

Mistake number one.  I did not read the recipe through before going grocery shopping or before I started cooking for that matter. I went to whole food because I knew they had lemon grass, but unfortunately I missed a few items on the list and didn't realize it until I got home.  Putting groceries away I got a FaceTime call from boyfriend who happens to be in Honolulu.  His FaceTime showed warm blue skies and the beach in the background while I was looking out my kitchen window to dark cold rain.  He isn't a beach kinda guy so I'm thinking we should be trading places.  While we were chatting I was very distractedly trying to put the groceries away and read the recipe.  Horrible combination!  I realized a missed the limes and had never found the thai chillies I needed. Ok, back to the store I'd go.  This time the local co-op because it's just around the corner, but once there I realized this was not the right time of year to buy chili peppers.  They had some dried chilies that would have to do, I grabbed them and I grabbed a few limes.  

Home again I realized that the dried chilis I'd just purchased were smoked and that was not the flavor profile of this dish. I'd have to do without.  Oh well.  I decided to pour myself a glass of wine and slow down, take it easy and enjoy the process a bit more, stop scrambling.  I took last weeks bottle of red wine out of the fridge (it takes a single women a while to finish a bottle alone especially when sick).  I poured a small glass and hoped it was still good, then popped the cork back in and went to put the bottle back in the fridge.  I have no idea what happened here, but I proceeded to drop the bottle and watch it empty the remainder of it's contents onto the new tile and splash onto my favorite hiking pants.  Broken glass and red wine now covering the floor and me.  O K. Time to clean this up.  

Once I cleaned up the spilled wine and broken glass I decided I should have a sip of the wine I had poured myself.  It was ok, not very good like it had been when I opened it last week, but I was certainly not opening another bottle after what just happened.  Little by little the dinner began to come together, I'd created the curry paste in the food processor and began to hope this would taste good.  I transferred the curry paste to the big pot, now time to add the coconut milk.  As I was pouring the coconut milk into the pot I was moving too fast.  I broke through the cream top and the milk splashed out of the can onto me.  At least a good bit of it did.  "Yikes Alisha, it's like you've never cooked before" I thought. Still stirring, my phone rang.  My mom.  "Sorry mom can't chat trying to not completely ruin dinner, I'll call you back soon".  

The rest of the meal finished up without a hitch, but it was comedy of errors.  Not so much of a meditation last night as a reminder to not take things so seriously and to laugh at yourself when given the opportunity.  That sure came in handy last night and the curry wasn't too bad either.