Meditation Mondays

Clouds over Greensboro

Happy Fall Darlin! 
This morning there's a chill in the air, my heater is on full blast and I've already been up for a few hours drinking coffee and writing by soft yellow light.  After many days away traveling this October I'm cherishing waking up in my own bed more than I ever have.  My blog posting dropped off significantly in October because I was attending major workshops and certification trainings.  A much needed break from posting so that I could come back strong with content that I hope will be useful for you! 

Which brings me to this new weekly post I'll be sharing.  Meditation Mondays.  This idea is born from the "Fall into Relaxation Course" that I'm hosting right now.  Currently if you're signed up for my e-mail list you're getting an e-mail every Monday with a mediation that I created for the course, writing prompts and ideas for relaxation.  If you sign up for the e-mail list below you can get that e-mail too.  It got me thinking I should share a meditation with all of you every week.  Here's today's meditation.  If it was helpful let me know and share it with a friend.  

Lots of Love,