Envision Your Best 2018


Come together and take a look at where you’ve been in 2017.  Take stock of what went well and what could have been improved.  Meditate, share, and envision where your heart most wants to be in 2018.    

Spend three intensive hours in this group coaching session going over your 2017 and envisioning what you most desire in this year to come.  

Year in Review Worksheet
light refreshments

Your 2017 Calender
Your Journal in case you’d rather write in it than the worksheet
Your favorite writing utensil and any art supplies you enjoy playing with. 
A positive attitude, as well as an open mind an heart

Wear whatever you like to be comfortable.  

Where: HQ Greensboro 111 W. Lewis St. Greensboro, NC 27406
When: Monday January 15th 1-4pm
Investment: $49:99