Friday Coffee Break 12.29.17

When we numb the darkness.png

Good Morning My Dear,

Happy Friday to you!  Last night I was embracing the darkness literally speaking (not what I think Brene Brown meant but let's roll with it).  It was one of those strange nights where I was tired but my mind was racing.  It took forever to fall asleep and then around 2am I was wide awake staring or trying not to stare into the darkness.  I was buzzing with ideas for Yoke and Abundance.  It was like caffeine pulsing through my veins with all of the ideas and plans I can’t wait to share with you.   

Do you ever feel this way?  Can’t sleep because of the many exciting things you want to do?  Maybe it’s because I bought a simple 12 month calendar from target earlier yesterday and I started plotting all of the things I’m mapping out and working on for first quarter.  I didn’t go back to sleep even though I tried.  Around 2:45am I decided to embrace the darkness and I got up and started working.  Have you ever done that?

One of my big goals this year is to surprise and delight you.  If you have suggestions please share, I'm all ears.  This excitement has my body thinking sleep isn’t necessary.  Darn, I wonder how this body of mine is going to feel around 2pm today?  I hope not too bad. 

Time for a round up of my 5 favorite things I found online this week. How does that sound to you?  Let me know which ones you enjoyed the most.  

1) How to reach out to someone who is struggling.  This is an article from On Being by Omid safi that I loved.  The holiday’s can be a really difficult time for many people and this is a reminder of how to be of service to those who are having a difficult time. 

2) This Instagram account The Visual Collective has me swooning.  Normally I try to stay away from accounts that have gigantic followings but this account has the most beautiful landscapes and they have camera giveaways.  Check them out @thevisualcollective

3) Looking forward to Transformation and Growth in 2018?  In honor of 2018 transformation all individual coaching packages are 20% off this week (through Next Thursday).  Use the code NEWYEAR at check out.  (this excludes the group coaching program "In the company of women")

4) This Ted Talk by Suzanne Simard: How Trees Talk to Each Other.  I'm fascinated by forests, trees and their interconnected highways of roots and soil that communicate with each other.  I also think this is a great story of how if you have an idea you must believe in yourself and move forward with it.  Suzanne had a really hard time getting funding because people thought she was crazy, but she did it anyway.  

5) Cypress Girl Power Play List on Spotify.  My Friend Betsy, Courtney and I made this playlist on the way home from visiting the Three Sister's Swamp at the beginning of December.  It was a great trip and this play list captures the mood very well.  

If you've enjoyed this round up please share it with a friend and let me know what you liked the best.  Your feed back will help me make the next Friday Delight  even better!