Creativity Tool Tuesday: My Morning Routine

Morning Must Have's: Coffee, notebook, and pen

Morning Must Have's: Coffee, notebook, and pen

Routine is my friend, having consistent rituals and routines that occur daily in my life are the habits that drive my success.  For me personally the magic really happens in the wee hours of the morning between 5am-7am to be exact.  

My internal and sometimes external clock normally go off between 4:30-5am on week days (and often weekends too).  I try to avoid the bad habit of checking phone alerts or messages and pull myself right out from under my covers and make my way right into the kitchen.  This is where my morning coffee ritual starts.  I make my little pot of French pressed coffee and then I find a little cozy spot in my office, or at my dining room table to write morning pages.  On rare occasions, like a Saturday morning, or days where I simply don't feel well, I might head back to bed.  No matter the place I grab my coffee, my hardbound lined Shinola Journal, and my fresh brightly colored fine tipped sharpie pens.  This act of morning pages for me is the most important ritual of my day.  This is where I get to pour out any negative thoughts so that they don't clutter my mind. where I journal about what I'm grateful for, dream up blog posts like this one, and think through my day and what I want to accomplish.  

After I'm done with morning pages and my strong cup of coffee I grab my desire map planner (the daily version) and glance over my schedule to make sure that I know what I've got to do for the day.  Thankfully because I can mostly control my schedule I try not to book anything before 9am so that I have ample time in the morning to accomplish my morning routine and take care of my most important items before I start seeing client's or running errands.  After I look through what's on my schedule I write out my to-do's 

Then it's time to sit down and meditate, get quiet for at least 10 minutes.  I use the free app The Insight Timer.   Some times I listen to a guided mediation but most of the time I sit in silence simply watching my breath.  

Finally it's time for French practice! This is my icing on the cake because not only amy I learning but it feels like a game.  I love all of the parts of my morning ritual but I love adore learning French.  I use the app Duo lingo and it doesn't take more than 10 minutes.  This feels like a small but powerful step toward a life goal of learning French. 

That my friend is my morning routine and it works well for me.  I don't think it so much matters if you do all of those things or get up super early.  I think what matters most is that you have a ritual that you can do consistently and easily with a little practice.  A routine that feels good to you, helps you spark your creative fire and helps you get in the flow to to accomplish your dreams and goals.  Don't forget to ask yourself if it brings you joy? 

What here sounds like it could work for you?  What do you already do in the morning to start your day on the right foot?  What routines help you kick butt and take names? Let us know in the comment section below and if you found this helpful please share it with friends.