Start Before You're Ready

"Start before you're ready" is the good advice that you get from anyone who's ever done something big and uncomfortable or important .  It can be hard to know what it means but for the first time I think I really understand what everyone who says it means.  I'm working on something that feels really uncomfortable, but uncomfortable in a good way.  For a long time I've wanted to write a book, something in the  "how to, self help or life style genera".  I'm told this is now called "Thought Leader".  Yes! I like the ring of that much better, don't you?  

For me this is scary, on a lot of levels.  I've got these voices in my head that say things to me like "Alisha who are you to write a book? What would you even write a book on?  Alisha you can't spell what makes you think you can write a book people would want to read? And for goodness sake what would you even write about?  What do you really think you know better than anyone else?  What do you know that you have "leadership" on, seriously Alisha go back to your day job"

Does it ever sound like that in your head too?  Thank goodness I've had a lot of training on this because gosh it can get noisy up in my head with thoughts that don't matter and could keep me from doing what's really important and if I listened to them could keep me from ever even trying.

I went to the writing retreat in mexico I think at least subconsciously to figure out if I could write this book.  But the problem was I didn't know that yet and I kept writing around it.  I kept telling myself and everyone on the retreat I was there to write blog posts or work on the fictional novel I'm playing with but every time those words came out of my mouth they didn't feel right.  I wasn't lying, they weren't wrong, but they weren't really what I wanted.  I kept thinking about it and writing about it and I've realized I didn't have to know what the end book will look like before I start. I didn't even have to know what the majority of the book is about, but I have to start.  

Here's what "start before you're ready" means to me right now.  I'm writing a book, I have almost 5000 words written in less then 3 days.  I don't ultimately know what this book is going to look like.  I know some of what should be included in the book.  I know some of what shouldn't be included in the book.  I'm writing down what I know should be in the book and I'm going to trust that the more I write the more I'll figure it out.  I'm not ready, but if I keep waiting I'll never write the book.  First books don't have to be great right? but I have to write it for it to be my first.   I trust that just doing it will open the door to the next idea or the one that get's it right.  The point is to do it.  I'll figure it out as I go even if that's really uncomfortable in the process.   

What's your experience been with this phrase "start before you're ready"?  Is there something you started before you were ready that turned out well or didn't work at all?  What did you learn?  Is there something you're putting off because you don't feel ready? What is it?