Book the trip to Greece? 3 Reasons to Travel

clouds for miles flight from GSO to DFW

For someone that spends too much time in their head thinking things through sometime the best idea is to not think and just do.  I wouldn't give this advice to everyone, but I give it to myself especially this year "The Year of Travel".  Don't think just do is how much of my travel planning has happened in the last year.  Don't think about it just book the plane ticket and then you'll have to go.  It's how I make it happen. 

Up until last June I normally put off trips for a multitude of reasons
* I'm tired all the time. More than a normal human and travel is exhausting
* I really like my own bed
* Money always seems to be tight
* Not much vacation time (but I do know how to stretch what I have)
* More on my plate than I can reasonably accomplish especially throwing travel in the mix
* I'll miss my normal routine at my house
* I'll miss seeing my friends in Greensboro
* I don't really like flying in planes although this is shifting slightly
* I often get sick or come down with a cold after or during travel
* Travel throws off my exercise plans even with the best of intentions

Even with all of those excuses I've never once regretted a trip even one trip that turned out epically bad.  

Yes, I'll be tired the whole entire time. I'm never quiet certain how the money actually worked out, but it always does.  I do miss my friends in Greensboro and my normal routines around my house. Routine anchors me to life and ground this free spirit in a way that is necessary. I bet you didn't know that a free spirt could also be an extremely introverted home body did you?  I can't help but be what I am even when it's a complicated mix of contradictions.  

With all of those mental obstacles why do I choose to travel?  Why keep booking trips?  

1) You won't regret it even if you have a horrible time because even horrible times have important lessons and gift you with stories to tell.  In 2015 I won a very special rewards trip to the UK, this trip was put together beautifully by my employer.  I'm not sure another trip could top the places that we stayed and the luxury and prestige I felt while traveling.  The Funny part was I was very sick on the flight over and spent much the first few days in bed.  my boyfriend at the time also came down with a bad cold.  On the trip many of us found out our jobs as we knew them were going away and the team that we had worked so hard to create would be going away.  Then on the way home stuck in a window seat on the plane I came down with a horrible virus that had things coming outta... well, you don't want to know.  Once home I found that my house had been broken into.  I'll never forget anything about that trip.  The juxtaposition of luxury, illness, facing job loss and coming home to a trashed house was profound.  I'm grateful for everything that trip taught me and am thankful for the lessons that were seared into me with that trip. 

2) Each trip teaches me something about others or about myself that I needed to know.  I think travel makes me a better, more educated, more well rounded and compassionate member of the human race. 

3) Travel energizes my creativity.  Home from a super quick trip to Dallas I was incredibly inspired by the art work my cousin has been doing.  She even showed me a few new techniques.  I've already finished 8 pieces and I've got three more in the works.  Travel shook me up so that I could create and I'm sure it would do the same for you. 

The adrenaline is pumping through my body because I just booked a September trip to Greece.  I'll make the time, the money and the headache of traveling work in exchange for the lessons I'll learn and of course share with all of you.