Clarity of Purpose

Girl Holding a bird mural on the side of wall in Wilmington, NC

Girl Holding a bird mural on the side of wall in Wilmington, NC

Do you wonder about your purpose in this life?  Have you ever wondered if you were on the right set of train tracks?  Have you ever thought you were cut out to do more than what you were doing?  Have you ever felt like your gifts weren't being used and not only were they not being used but you're stuck using gifts that you really don't enjoy using instead?  Yeah, me too!  My search for purpose has consumed my adult life up to this point but I'm certain I'm finally on the right set of train tracks.    

I’m finally clear on my set of train tracks and I know I'm meant to coach women.  This is a journey that’s taken me years of searching, but I finally know what I'm supposed to be doing.  I've found my purpose.  Looking back it's funny how everything I've been doing up to this point has prepared me.  With the luxury of hindsight I’m going to tell you that this puzzle of my life is starting to fit together nicely.  Everything, from my psychology undergrad, to working a job I don't like for so many years, to my 500 hours of yoga teacher training, helping to start a non-profit who’s mission was to help folks connect to one another meaningfully, opening and selling my yoga studio and especially the retreats and travel I've been doing in the past few years have lead me to this point.  My purpose is Life Coach and each of those experiences is grease for the wheels of helping other women who feel stuck or feel like they could be doing more or aren't doing what they really desire to do.  I'm here to help, and teach, but mainly I'm here to listen to the needs of others.  

This clarity not only feels good but has also created an insatiable drive in me to move forward and step into this new role.  There’s no question of “am I ready or am I qualified?” I don’t need to interview or ask permission.  The time is now.  I only need to act, to do the work and I am doing just that.  I've been spending the balance of this month talking to brilliant woman about what I'm up to and asking how I can help them on their journey.  It's creative life coaching that I'm supposed to be doing and I’m making it happen. 

I’m curious; do you think you’ve found your purpose?  If you know your purpose do you think you’re doing the work you’re supposed to be doing to move your purpose forward?   If you don’t feel like you have a purpose are you searching for it and do you have a sense that you’ll find it?  I'd really love to see your comments below.  

If you want to explore your purpose, if you need help seeing your path more clearly or if you have goals you want to work towards I know I can help.  Hop on over to my coaching page and sign up.  I'd love to work with you.