My 5 Core Values

2017 January Vision Board

I'm thinking a lot about what I want my life to look like going forward.  It's important to me that I don't just float along but that I make decisions from a place of values and knowing what's really important to me.  Dr. Steve Maraboli says "The universe doesn't give you what you ask for with your thoughts; it gives you what you ask for with your actions".  Knowing that truth I want to make sure not only my thoughts, but especially my actions align with what's really important to me.  

In order for my thoughts and actions to be working toward what I want, I must be clear on what my core values are.  I've been pondering what's ultimately most important to me for some time and have come up with my 5 core values.  These are the values that I want to make decisions from and take actions in my life around. 

1) Growth: Personal, professional, spiritually, and interpersonal.  I want to challenge myself in ways that will help me grow, move forward in my Creative Life Coaching business, traveling, challenging myself interpersonally, all of those things will force growth.  I want to get out of my own way and put myself in strategically uncomfortable situations that will foster and cultivate my growth, and expand my understanding of myself and others.  

2) Creativity: To me everything stems from creativity, it is the root of everything that means something to me.  Creativity is a gigantic part of how I grow.  Creativity is everything! It's the rituals I begin my day with, the way I decorate or arrange my house and office.  The book I'm writing, this blog, the garden I play in, the photography I take and the art i make.  Creativity is the way I do my hair or arrange my outfit for the day.  All of that and so much more.  Creativity is a life force within us and I can access it best by getting quiet and paying attention.  

3) Sovereignty: Independence, freedom, being my own master doing all things for the love of it and not for the money and not in reaction to fear.  If I'm doing all things with love the money will take care of it's self I'm certain. This requires enormous trust in myself and I've finally found that trust.

4) Health: Everything I desire to do requires me to be healthy and taking care of myself.  I'll do that by eating nourishing foods, doing yoga for my mind and body, running, cycling, walking even growing more of my own foods.  This also means slowing down and paying more attention to my body, getting enough rest and drinking more water.  This may even mean pushing myself harder in workouts.  One of my favorite yoga teachers says "Strong bodies make strong minds".  I know that when we strengthen our bodies we're strengthening the core of our beings.  

5) Mindfulness: Mindfulness helps me make friends with myself through compassion, kindness and love of self.  Learning to be more compassionate, loving and kind with myself I'll become more compassionate and loving towards others which is what life is all about!  For me mindfulness is the key to unlocking being a more loving and compassionate person which is my ultimate goal.  

Have you spent time thinking about your core values?  What's most important to you? I'd love it if you shared your 5 core values with me in the comment section below.  How did you arrive at them?  How do they shape your life?  Do you use them to help you make big decisions?