The year of travel March: Wilmington, NC

Pelican Art in downtown Wilmington

When I crowned 2017 the year of travel I had no idea what the year would bring.  In fact part of me thought I would simply be driving to surrounding cities and states for most of the year but it's not looking like that will be the case. I have some huge exciting things planned that I'll tell you about all in due time.  I promise. 

March took me to Wilmington, NC with one of my dearest friends.  You might be thinking, "but Alisha, weren't you just at Carolina beach in January?"  To that I would say yes I was!  You're correct!  I was at Carolina beach in January but I didn't hit up Wilmington while I was there and I did that trip alone.  This was the first trip I've taken since 2015 that I did non-stop with another person.  

Bonnie and Alisha do Wilmington

Bonnie is one of my dearest friends and our friendship is going on almost 20 years.  One day maybe 10 or 11 years ago Bonnie called me up and asked "If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?"  "Paris" I replied quickly.  "hmmm" she said, "I'm thinking more anywhere in the U.S."  "Oh in that case Wilmington, NC it's got everything!  Cute houses with big front porches, beautiful weather, the beach and it's in North Carolina, not to mention I'm here".  Next thing I knew we were planning to spend Thanksgiving together and i was planning her a tour of NC.  I strategically put Wilmington last.  This was a tour of Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Fayetteville, Pinehurst and Wilmington.  I have no idea why we went to Fayetteville to be honest but some how we not ended up in Fayetteville, but were there on Thanksgiving day eating thanksgiving dinner at an Outback steak house or some generic equivalent chain.  We laugh about that to this day!  Bonnie would ask everyone the question "what do you like about living here?"  In Fayetteville she even asked the waiter, his reply "I like it because it has a walmart".  Right then, check please.  Raleigh was fun but not the right speed, Pinehurst was well, Pinehurst, Chapelhill was a great place for a family, but not quite right for a single women looking to change things up.   Wilmington however did not disappoint.  To shorten this story she loved it as much as I loved it and made Wilmington her home for many years until it was time to move back to OH for a spell. 

Bonnie's Birthday is in March and she wanted to get to the beach stick her toes in the sand, hear the waves crash and see her old friends.  So off we went to Wilmington and Carolina beach for a girls weekend like I may have never had before.  We talked non-stop which for two single woman that spend a lot of time alone left us both full and exhausted at the same time.  

This was one of those purely joyful trips that was way more about connecting with the person you're with than the place you went to; although, Wilmington provided the perfect back drop to a fantastic weekend.  

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Downtown Wilmington, NC Promenade