How to get everything you want

Alisha in Crow Pose in the rain Photo by Lindley Battle

Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear.  -George W. Addair

What are you afriad of right now?  What do you really want but are too afraid of what it means to make that choice?  

Here's the list of things I'm currently terrified of... No safety net, money issues, travel to countries I've never been to, specifically traveling to India where it's crowded and noisy and different from anywhere I've ever been, leaving corporate america, not finding a partner who can meet me as I am, watching my body age, writing the book I'm working on, what if no one likes it and even worse what if it doesn't touch my target market in a meaningful way?  

Would you like me to keep going? 

The point is we're all scared.  We all have fear.  In my experience, the more important the risk and potential reward the more fear I have around taking steps forward.  Does that ring true for you?  

In every Wise Women Wednesday post I ask the question "What's one thing you've done recently that was scary, but you're glad you did?"  Stop for a moment and ponder that?  

Ok great, do you have an example in mind?  I bet whatever it was brought you huge personal growth.  Am I right?  What happened for you on the other side of fear?   I believe that to do the things we really want to do, to create the things that are important we must confront our fears and move into them before we can move past them.  The fear doesn't mean don't do it! The fear is screaming "LOOK AT ME, this is important, you might want to consider what it would mean if you succeeded in it and how sad you might be if you never tried".  

Fear is a part of the process of working towards what's important to us.  Fear is a teacher.  

We all have to make choices that are right for us, I can't tell you or my coaching clients what's right for them, but I can drop crumbs on my trail into the scary world of big risks that I'm taking. With these blog posts I feel like I'm blazing a trail and putting up trail markers.   The most important lesson I've learned by watching others achieve goals and dreams is no risk, no reward and in inherent in risk is fear.  I don't know about you, but I know I will take the risks so that I can say at least I work towards what I want in life. 

I'd love to hear your answer to my wise women Wednesday question because I know all of you are wise women and have important stories to share.  Please comment below answering the question "What's one thing you've done recently that was scary, but you're glad you did?"

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