Leaning into my Fear with Faith

Alisha Wielfaert Journaling

About a week ago I was having lunch with a great friend, the kind of friend who's a rock in my life, the kind of person I think can move mountains if she needs to, and she asked me "how long are going to give yourself to see if this new entrepreneurial project works out?  Do you know what your back up will be if it doesn't work out"?  For the first time in my life my faith in myself and with this project is so strong that up to that point I hadn't even considered the possibility that it wouldn't work.  I'm giving myself a financial runway to get this moving, but in this case failure isn't an option.  The only thing I'd consider is how long will it take the momentum of the business to catch up financially to where I need it to be?  I will not go back to corporate america unless it's for a really good reason and the only good reason I can think of is that someone in corporate America decides they are going to pay me for what I'm planning on doing.  I'm 100% certain I can and will do this successfully.  Have you ever felt that way about anything?

My friend is looking out for me, and she's putting voice to her fears for me and that's ok, I know she cares deeply and doesn't want me in any kind of trouble.  But I recognize it's FEAR talking.  I have moments of self doubt, but I counter those by controlling what I can control.  When I feel the self doubt creeping in or when someone else's doubt of me creeps into my head I stop and recognize that's fear trying to steer me off course and then I remind myself of the work I'm putting in and focus on that.  The biggest failure here would be to not try because of the fear.  I've spent the last 11 years staying stuck because I didn't want to get messy.  I won't let myself stay stuck for another moment, it's time to lean into the fear so that i can break through it.  

I won't move into this new world, new phase of life thinking it's not going to work and what am I going to do if it doesn't.  I recognize it might not work out like I planned it, but I know it's going to work out.    

Where do you feel the fear?  Are there places in your life that you feel like you're staying stuck because of fear?  What would it take for you to lean into the fear?