10 Day Must have Packing List for upcoming trip to Italy

In a little over a month I'll be trading in keys figuratively speaking on my life as a corporate employee for a life of travel, creativity coaching, public speaking, workshop/retreat leading and yoga teaching.  I'm counting down the days and I'll be kicking off this new life with a 10 day trip to Italy.  

A game I play with each trip I've take recently is "How Light can I Pack"?  Unfortunately there are a few habits that make my packing more cumbersome than most (like running and yoga), but Here's my packing list for the up coming trip to Italy.  What are your packing must have's?  What would you leave off this list?  Who wants to takes bets on if I can fit this all into a roller bag and my leather purse?

1)  iphone and charger
2) Computer and Charger (I'll be doing work while traveling so this is a must)
3) Garmin and charger (because running doesn't stop just because I'm traveling)
4) Converter
5) Camera and battery charger

Toiletries (all travel size)
6) Shampoo
7) Conditioner
8) Body Wash
9) Tooth paste and tooth brush
10) Advil
11) Bandaids
12) Tiny hair clips and bobby pins
13) Tweezers
14) Nail Clippers
15) razor
16) Laundry detergent

17) Running Shoes
18) 2 pair of running shorts
19) one running top
20) 1 pair of running socks
21) 1 Pair of closed toe flats (most likely my toms)
22) 1 Dress
23) 1 sweater
24) 1 Long sleeve shirt
25) 1 pair of jeans
26) Underwear for every day
27) Bras
28) Bathing suit (one and two piece) and cover up
29) one pair of comfy long pants
30) PJ top and bottoms
31) 2 comfortable and nice looking tops
32) 1 Yoga top
33) 1 pair of yoga pants

For the purse
34) Journal
35) Sharpies
36) Lavender
37) Hair tie
38) Scarf
39) Passport

40) Manduka Travel Yoga mat