My Special Gift to You

Sweet Friend,
I see you holding tight to your dreams and your passions.  I see you suffering as you put up with situations at work that you don't like or relationships that kill your creativity.  I've been there.  I know you'd like to see if you can make your goals a reality.  You probably just need a listening ear, a touch of help building a path toward your goal or a friend to bounce ideas off of.  

If you want to accelerate your person growth and cut the learning curve, if you want help making your dreams a reality then you're in the right place because I've got programs tailored specifically for you.  

We'll assess where you are in different aspects of your journey, look closes at what in your life needs attention and love, then together we'll build a map for you to follow. 

In celebration of quitting my full time job to work this coaching passion of mine I'm offering 10% off my individual coaching packages today and tomorrow.  Just use the code 10%OFF at check out.  You can learn more about my services here.  If you have questions about my coaching programs please reach out to me at   

I can't wait to hear about your dreams and goal.