To Travel is to LIVE: Here I come Italy

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Bags are packed and I’m crossing my fingers I’ve thought of all of the things I could need.  May “Letters from the Year of the Travel” went out bright and early today.  I was folding letters over my hand made post cards at 5am with a huge grin.  I get so excited to send them out to everyone who’s following along with my adventures.  Sharing my adventures with you helps the joy and pleasure of the trip last longer.  I always wish I could watch as folks open their letters and see what they think of the packaging, post cards and whimsical letter.  

As I packed for this Italy trip I wonder what's in store for me.  It’s a country I’ve never been to which makes it extra new and exciting.  My Cousin and her mom left a few hours ago and I’ll follow in just a bit.  My sister and her husband will meet us in Rome on Saturday.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this travel adventure with my aunt, cousin, sister and brother in law.  I feel like I must be the luckiest woman in the world.

I plan to blog throughout the trip and I hope you’ll follow along.  What are your summer travel adventures?