The Unglamorous Side of Travel and 5 Tips

Somewhere between Spain and London

I stink, that’s not a value judgment it’s a fact, I'm ripe.  Normally not one to wear deodorant I change my own rules when flying.  There’s something about being stuffed in like a sardine in a tin can in the sky that brings out the inner stink for most people I try to be courteous.  I would have been fine for a few flights, but 24 hours later and one flight still to go and I'm looking forward to a shower.  This is the part most travel bloggers don’t tell you about.  Luckily for me I at least brought toothpast and a toothbrush on my carryon.  This carry-on is critical if like me you might have lay overs, drink coffee and intend to speak to anyone sitting next to you.  Flying means you’re in others personal space a lot and it makes me hyper self-conscious and I try to be courteous in the hygiene department.  If you can spare the room to add a toothbrush and toothpaste to your carry-on trust me it’s worth it for you and the person sitting next to you.  

Getting off the plane in Spain

Delirium has set in so badly that I fear some sleepy state will cause me to read a board wrong and miss my last flight.  This is the travel fear of anyone that already reads things wrong regularly.   I’m also hoping this post isn’t gibberish when I re-read it tomorrow after what I hope will be a solid night’s sleep in Rome.  Delirium when traveling is sometimes unavoidable, which makes going back through customs and finding your gate in Heathrow tricky.  I got on one wrong bus only to find out I was in the wrong terminal after I’d spent 15 minutes getting there.  Luckily I’m not short on time and I’m 95% sure I’m sitting in the right terminal.  If you haven’t been, Heathrow is mammoth, a city within a city and can be intimidating when you’ve had enough sleep.  Trying to stay lucid after no sleep I keep forgetting that I need to keep to the left, not to the right, my brain is foggy.  This is when using coffee as a medicinal drug is a good idea.   

Originally my flight was set to be relatively short and easy.  A hop over to Charlotte, a short layover and then a skip over to Rome.  Simple right?  Thunderstorms in Charlotte kept us grounded in Greensboro missing the flight to Rome.  The only way for me to get into Rome today was by taking a flight to Spain, then to London then onto Rome.  I’d trade a day in Rome for a day of travel not ideal, but if you want to be a world traveler that’s part of it.  I've been really glad that I invested in a good piece of luggage (AWAY is what I'm using) before this trip with 4 swivel wheels and a built in charger for my iPhone.  It's helped me literally roll with the punches something that you must do to be a world traveler or you won’t find traveling to be very fun.  So in addition to rolling with the punches my next tip is be kind to your airline customer service folks, they want to help you as much as you want to be helped and their job is STRESSFUL.  Kindness is always the way to go.  It’s not their fault the weather disrupted travel plans.  I was in awe of how quickly and kindly they were getting everyone re-routed yesterday.  If you can show them some love it goes a long way in brightening their day. 

To recap my travel tips are:
1) Carry on tooth paste, a tooth brush and possibly deodorant. 
2) Use coffee medicinally to keep you awake conscious when you've been up for 24 hours and have more time still to go. 
3) Roll with the obstacles, as I learned in a yoga teacher training last weekend "The obstacles are the path" in life and in travel adventures
4) Get a good carry on with wheels and the ability to charge your iPhone (I'm loving my AWAY luggage)
4) Be kind to airline staff, they have tough jobs! 

Away Travel bag is everything they said and more