Portland In Pictures

I traveled to Portland from Seattle via the train for "The World Domination Summit" this week and I feel gratefulness from the tips of my toes to the top of my head for the opportunity to be here.  Portland is interesting to say the least! So far I've done some great shopping, gone on a wine tour, made a new friend and took a workshop on story telling.  Oh and I bought a lot of year and started a sweater vest because the fiber store Knit Purl is set up well and super friendly! 

This was the view from the first Vineyard we traveled to.  

This is the theme for the world domination summit this year

I'm really allergic to bees, but I got pretty close to this guy and his bee friends to take this picture and I think it was worth the risk

Knit Purl

Is it strange that my favorite thing about portland so far is a yarn store?  Really the fibers here are impressive!  I've started a little project too.  I'll try to make it to Powell's today if I can tear myself from this vest...   

This is the bottom ribbing on the back of the vest I'm making. I'd say that's pretty good progress. 

I hope that wet your whistle for Portland.  Maybe I'll have another set of portland pictures for you, but for now I'm off for a run along the river.