Side Effects of Travel

Portland Street Art

Portland Street Art

Last week I woke up groggily on the futon bed at my fairy godmother's house, my mom was lying next to me because we were sharing a bed when a course of adrenaline pumped through my veins as my first waking thought came to me "Alisha, get up and send out the Wednesday Newsletter, just because you're traveling doesn't mean you can slack on your work".  It was 6am and I was tired, on the west coast which always throws me off and definitely not on my normal schedule.  The night before I had stayed up a little too late after the family dinner making sure the Wise Women Wednesday feature was formatted and ready to publish.  I had given myself a pat on the back for doing it the day before and scheduling it to go out early the next morning east coast time.  A smug smile lit up my face "Look at how prepared I am" I thought as a rush of pride ran through me.  

Later that afternoon close to 2pm west coast time my mom and I were on a train heading for Porland and I turned to her in horror and shame as it dawned on me.  "Mom it's Tuesday!  Not Wednesday.  I published Wise Women Wednesday today!".  She laughed.  Up until that point I'd been operating like it was Wednesday even though I had simultaneously boarded my Tuesday train bound for Portland.  I'm not even sure how that can happen.    

This same day I began to orient myself with a new city that I'd never visited continuing to feel slightly off and rather ashamed of myself.  That night after having an old fashioned with a friend from high school at Clyde Commons I decided to skip dinner, go back to the hotel room and go to bed.  For some odd reason I even skipped my normal bedtime routine, a routine that takes all of 10 minutes tops.  At some point the next day a thought flickered in my head like a computer short circuiting and I felt like I'd been punched in the gut robbing me of the air in my chest as it dawned on me that by skipping my short bedtime routine I'd forgotten to meditate thus breaking my 220 day meditation streak.  I had been proud of my meditation streak and now I'd be back at square one.  After the initial feeling of dismay I reminded myself I meditate so that I can feel the feeling and let it be.  C'est La vie.  I got right back on the meditation band wagon that same day to begin again.  Skipping one day doesn't negate all the work I've done up to that point, but it serves as a great reminder of how transformative the mediation process has been for me and I know I can always begin again.  

There are other side effects of travel too, an introvert by nature not having space to myself I got cranky with my mom, this always results in me feeling like an ass.  Sometimes on this trip morning pages wouldn't get done in the morning or even at all which further compounded my frustration.  

These are the side effects of working nomadically, the side effects of learning a new rhythm of life, side effects of an introvert not getting space to herself.  But there are great side effect of travel too.  Saturday I got to do a client coaching call at 6am because I'm on the West Coast and the client was on central time.  I got to start my day doing something I love so much I feel like it lights me up from the inside out and because of the time difference I not only got to serve my client but I didn't have to miss any of the presenters that day at the world domination summit.    

If you're dreaming of a year of travel, or location independence in work know that it doesn't come without side effects, some bad, some pretty darn great.