Creativity Tool Tuesday: World Domination

World Domination Summit 2017

Have you ever been so excited about something the back of your eyes tingle when you think about it as if you're fighting back tears?  That feeling that what you're doing might be forbidden? That's how I felt when I bought tickets to The World Domination Summit the same month that I decided I was absolutely without a doubt quitting my day job.  The question that nagged at me was "do you have this in the budget given all the travel you already have planned for this year?"  Turned out emotionally, spiritually and interpersonally the world domination summit is proving to be one of the greatest gifts I've ever given myself.  

Over the past week I've spent time with, travel hackers, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and folks asking the question "how do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world?"  This group of people are asking the same kinds of questions I'm asking, they're curious, diverse and truly believe they can change the world for the better.  The magic that happened on this adventure included so many serendipitous interactions I can't count them all.  But I can say I've got new BFF's and inspiration beyond my wildest expectations.  

Agapi Stassinopoulos said growing up, when her mom didn't know how they were going to make rent, she would invite all of her friends and family over for dinner to show her daughters that even in hard times the universe has bigger plans.  Scott Harrison founder of Charity Water shared his vision that we can make clean water available to everyone. Firuzeh Mahmoudi told us her story of how she started United for Iran.  Rich Roll shared how we can take better care of ourselves and the planet through diet and exercise.  Speaker after speaker shared their passion and vision of how to make this world a more beautiful place for everyone through service.  Yes Yes Marsha even taught us how to share our visions for a better world through stories.  

These speakers re-ignited my desire to help make this world a more beautiful place for everyone through my service.   Vanessa Van Edwards's message hit home the hardest when she shared that 2 years ago she sat in the audience at the world domination summit and made a vow to to help as many people as possible to earn the right to be a presenter on the main stage.  I'm making that vow now too.  I'm too sleep deprived to know or understand concretely how I'll make this happen but coming home from this WDS I know this is my mission.  

If you're looking to spark your creativity, light yourself up and live your passions then find a conference in your field of interest and connect with your tribe. You won't regret it. 

What conferences are you currently attending that light you on fire?