Creativity Tool Tuesday: Free Downloadable Daily Planner

Dear one,  
In celebration of it being the official Launch week for yoke and abundance I wanted to give you a special tool that you can use every day!  I teamed up with the brilliant designer Hannah Pomphrey of Hue and Tone Creative to bring you this FREE downloadable daily planner page. 

For me creativity isn't something that I sit around and wait for, it's something I plan on!  Every day I'm sure to wake up in enough time to drink a pot of coffee and write for at least 30 minutes before my first appointment.  That doesn't happen by accident it happens because I plan on it. In fact I put it in my calendar in ink!  

Each day I think about the day, making sure it's balanced with time for work and play.  My top two intentions are normally to connect lovingly with those I encounter and to weave creativity through my day, the third intention is a wild card.  I know success doesn't happen by accident, it's the result of lots of hard work with a splash of luck and magic.  

It's my Sincere hope that this planner page will be not only be useful for you but will help you think deeply about where there is true abundance in your life and how you can weave creativity throughout your days.  

I'd love your feed back!  Once you download this planner if there's something you love about it please let me know and likewise if it's missing something you wish were there please let me know.  This is only the first version and there will be more, but first we want to see what's truly useful to you!