Creativity Tool Tuesday: Dreams, Desires and Goals E-Course

Sweet Friend, 
So far in this role of coach I've learned that so many of you feel like I've felt.  You have desires and dreams that you've buried deep down in your hearts you've either forgotten they're there or you're afraid to actually give voice to them.  There is a creative spirit stirring within you and it needs a little nudge to come out and play.  

This is the work I get to do with women in my one on one coaching sessions and i want to make sure it's accessible to anyone who needs a nudge.  That's why I've created this Dreams, Desires and Goals e-course for you.  Maybe you're not ready for one on one coaching but you want to start listening to your heart and working towards your true desires not just the goals you think look good on paper.  

I want everyone to have access to the work I'm doing one on one with client's even if you're not ready yet for one on one coaching.  If that sounds like you then this e-course if for you.  

In this e-course we'll do the following...
1st) I'll take you through a guided meditation to check in with your heart's desires,
2nd ) we'll begin tapping into our unconscious with writing prompts designed to help you access your unconscious dreams and desires to bring them into consciousness.  
3rd) Then you'll assess where you are in life and note what you really want to work towards
4th) Finally we'll begin creating small goals to help you get to where you want to be. 

This course is normally $99.99 but this week it's on sale for 49.99 if you order today through Sunday.