10 simple Pleasures


To say this year is charmed with all of my travels would be an understatement.  The enormity of traveling somewhere each month and juggling everything that goes with it is wonderful.  My friend Cliff put it best when he said  "It's like you're drinking from a fire hose".  He's right I feel like a kid in summer standing on the side walk in a bathing suit, sun kissed, warm, a bright big smile on my face, while eating an ice-cream cone,  a dog laying at my feet surrounded by friends and family.  That's the best thing I can think of to compare this year of pure personal joy to, (the current political climate aside).  This year will come to an end eventually and sooner than I'd like, and while there will be adventure in my future I'm not sure that I could or would like to keep up a lifestyle with this intensity of travel.  

This year has been full of grand pleasures, and it's got me thinking about the really important simple pleasures that I look forward to more than the grand pleasures. Here's a list of 10 of my favorites  (there are so many more, but here are 10 for now) 

1) A hot shower after a long trail run
2) The first cup of coffee out of my French Press in the morning
3) Writing morning pages
4) A good conversation
5) A run on a trail
6) Cut flowers on my dining room table
7) Weeding my garden
8) Getting lost in a good book
9) Preparing a meal for people I love
10) Sliding into my freshly made bed at home with freshly laundered sheets

I'm including an 11th) Moose Tracks ice-cream from homeland creamery.  Because what would a list about simple pleasures be without ice-cream?  

What's on your list?