Brown's Bombay Ginger Tea

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It's pouring down rain in Mumbai today, this is no surprise being Monsoon season.  My sister works at an international school with other teachers from India, London, Canada and the US, they are off today for the Ganesha holiday and feeling ready to get off campus.  A group of us was gearing up to tour around south Mumbia in hopes of strolling through paper shops and art stalls, but immediately after we called the first uber driver the sky fell out with rain.  

We were determined to go out anyway when our first uber driver declined to come pick us up and another was assigned.  We waited patiently about an hour when the second driver canceled on us.  By this time the rain was coming down in buckets with no end in sight.  We decided to pay attention to the sign and view this as an omen to have a chill rainy day inside.  We would pass our time making food, playing jenga and watching it rain with a few other teachers on campus.

The art teacher here Matt Brown made us the perfect ginger tea that I'm now addicted to. Here's the recipe so that you can become addicted too... 

Ginger Root (at least 4 inches worth washed and smashed) 
Tumeric (a few pinches)
Nutmeg (about 3 quarters of teaspoon: Add to taste)
a Spoonful of sugar
a Dollop of honey

After you smash the ginger root add it to a pot of water then bring the water to a boil.  Reduce the water to a simmer and let simmer for 5-10 minutes.  Then add turmeric, nutmeg, sugar and honey.  

Savor this blend while curled up inside on a rainy day reading a book, or around a table relaxing with good friends.