5 Lessons from Greece

Oia Santorini, Greece

Sitting in my hotel room here in Athens Greece, my bags are packed and I'm ready to head out but my flight doesn't leave for almost 5 hours.  It's the in between place, travel limbo, no longer on vacation, but not yet home.  

One of the big lessons over arching lessons from the year of the travel is that I love my home, not just the physical space and place but home, where my business is, where my loved ones are.  With this travel I'm gathering new loved ones all over the world, and I know that is changing my perception of home, but maybe that's a post for another day? 

At the moment because I'm neither here, nor there, all I have is time to reflect on the last week and what I've learned.  Powerful messages from the last week are sitting with me, here are 5 big ones. 

1) It's ok to not speak the language of those around you because there are many ways to communicate. 

2) Leave people and places better than when you found them.

3) Others can't actually break your heart, you're the only one that can break your heart. 

4) Be your own soulmate, be your own mother, father, or best friend, be able to hold your own hand and give yourself what you need. 

5) Joy is your birth right.  One of my all time favorite quotes is by Robert Ingersoll who said "We rise by lifting others" but I believe we must educate ourselves in order to do that.  Surround yourself with those who know more than you (that sometimes means traveling and studying with those who know more), read, listen, ask questions, get informed.  Invest in yourself, a retreat far away with big named people might seem like an extravagance, and it is, but it's a way to elevate yourself and when you rise with your new found knowledge it's your duty to bring others with you.  Pursuing your passions and your purpose helps you become a more intelligent, thoughtful and grounded person.  Joy is your birthright is what Sonja Bach reminded us all on this retreat and That's what I want to remind you of, joy is your birthright.  

Are these lessons you've learned?  Are the lessons you keep learning or need to remember?  What could you do today to put these lessons into practice for yourself?

Santorini Greece