2018 Theme of the year

2018 Theme of the year

2017 was a year to remember for this girl!  In fact American Airlines sent me a summary of what I traveled with them.  Not counting my trip to India (that was delta), I spent a total of 109 hours in the sky, and could have flown around the world 2 times with the number of miles I covered.  

As great as the year of the travel was and as interesting as it's been to meet many sweet kind and interesting souls and go to crazy beautiful places I'm beyond happy to slow down in 2018.  

Is there a theme for 2018 you ask?  Of course there is! Book Writing and Business Building!  Maybe not as sexy as the year of the travel but it's exactly what the doctor ordered.  

My biggest dreams for 2018 are the following... 
1) Impact as many lives for the better as I can through my coaching programs
3) Launch "The Wise Women" podcast in February
4) Write my book "A year of travel"
2) Create a 9 month Life/Leadership/Creativity coaching program for women who want to flourish. Weaving together positive psychology practices, tools from the artists way, and yoga to creative a transformational course.  

What's your 2018 theme? What are your biggest dreams for the year ahead?  How will you make sure they happen?  Haven't figured it out yet?  There's room for you to reflect on your 2017 and dream up where you want to go in our "Envisioning your best 2018" workshop on Monday January 15th.  It's over half full so be sure to register to join us soon!