The True Life of an Entrepreneur

The true life of an entrepreneur

I fully believe we are the makers of our own destiny.  I believe that tough times are an opportunity to grow.  I believe that adversity and risk not only shape us into who we’re supposed to become but are a critical part of the process.   I also believe that even though tough times are an opportunity and we always have choices it doesn’t mean we always like the choices and it doesn’t mean tough times don’t cause anxiety, fear or shame.  When I left corporate America to do a little traveling and to open my own business I knew I was taking a risk.  It’s actually been the boldest risk I’ve ever taken, and I’ve broken all of the conventional rules. I broke rules financially and in the realm of what I’ve always understood to be responsible choices. 

I’m about 8 months into this new life and it’s even harder than I imagined and I didn’t go into it with rose-colored glasses.  There is debt, there is fear around whether or not I’ll make new sales each month and get to take on new clients I know I can do great work with.  It’s taking a toll on my health.  I’ve been very sick and the stress and anxiety of entrepreneurship seems to be making the healing process take longer.  This is just as much a part of being an entrepreneur as the joy of getting to work from home in my PJ’s as many days in a row as I’d like (it really is the little things). 

I want to share this with you not because I want your pity or for anyone to tell me it will be ok, but because I want to be transparent with you about the process of entrepreneurship.  I believe in the power of vulnerability.  I’ve shared the joy of leaving a job that didn’t serve me.  I’ve shared how good it feels to have control over my own schedule and I think it’s important to share that there’s so much more to the story.  Being an entrepreneur is complex and multifaceted and I want to share with you both sides.  I would love to say it’s a smooth ride, that I took a leap and a net has appeared and it’s been great, but that’s not how this is going.  There are highs and there are lows and right now it’s a low.  It’s ok, I know it’s part of the process.  I’m questioning if I’ve made the right decisions.  I’m questioning if I should get full time job while I continue to build my business.  There are things that go well and there are things that don’t go well.  I’m reframing what I believe success looks like.  I’m also learning how important it is to have a strong network of friends I trust that understand where I'm coming from and where I'm trying to go who I can lean on when times feel bleak. 

Luckily I have a lot of entrepreneur friends who are able to tell me these feelings are normal, and that it’s part of the process. 

Has there ever been a time you took a big risk that had big highs and big lows?  If so what was it and how did you cope with the anxiety and uncertainty that came with the risk? Please share in the comments section below.