Self Care Sunday: Cultivate a Relationship

Cultivate a Relationship

One of the top 5 regrets of people on their death bed is that they "wished they'd stayed in touch with friends".  Life is busy, crazy and full no matter what way you slice it.  I don't know about you, but I find it easy to fill my schedule with work, networking, travel and more work at the expense of my deep interpersonal relationships.  

As someone who's been going through a tumultuous time one of the most depressing things about venturing out and starting my own business has been the isolation that I've felt and the deep loneliness that's come with working lots of hours and traveling often.  

Today I took the time to have coffee with a very good, trust worthy and empathetic friend who knows me well.  It had been almost a full year since she and I had one on one time in person with each other.  Together today there was no work involved, no phones out and we actually had time for an in person coffee and long much needed catch up on each others lives.  

I've learned in my study of positive psychology that it's often defined by three words: "Other people matter".  I was reminded of the importance of this lesson this today having coffee across the table from one of my closest, most trusted friends and being filled with the warm feelings that only come from having a deep loving connection and knowing that you care for one another.  

My self Care Sunday tip for you today is schedule time to meet with a close friend.  Try to meet in person if you can or schedule a phone call at a time you'll be free from distractions and interruptions.  Relationships and our interpersonal support structures really do matter more than anything else in life.  Be sure to give them a hug if you can and tell them how much they matter.